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Financial arrangements

Out of pocket expenses

If you have any out of pocket expenses relating to your admission, our Business Office Team will call and discuss these prior to your admission.

Private health insurance

Please check your health insurance details.

We suggest you contact your health fund to confirm that your admission is covered, and if there are any co-payments / excess that will apply to this admission.

Questions to ask:

  • Does my policy have any restrictions?
  • Does my level of cover adequately cover my hospital stay, including theatre fees and prostheses?
  • If I am likely to need inpatient rehabilitation, does my insurance cover me for this?
  • Are there any out of pocket expenses (e.g. excess or co-payments) that are payable on admission?

Note: If you have been a member of your health fund for less than 12 months, you will be responsible for the total fees on or prior to admission unless we have confirmation from your fund that the claim has been pre-determined and accepted.

WorkSafe / Third Party Compensation

If you have a compensation claim, such as WorkSafe or a third-party claim, please confirm with your Case Manager or insurance company that they will cover the cost of your admission.

A written approval from the Workcover insurer or third-party insurer is required prior to admission.

If a claim has not been lodged or approval has not yet been given for the admission and you wish to claim through your private health insurance, the hospital will require confirmation from your fund that the account will be paid pending the finalisation of the claim. If this cannot be guaranteed, the full costs will be payable prior to or on admission.

Uninsured (self-funded) patients

If you are self-insured (uninsured), please request an Estimate of Expense from your treating surgeon, who will then liaise with the hospital. These fees will be payable prior to or on admission.

The Estimate of Expenses will be based on the item numbers / type of procedures and any prostheses required for surgery.

If your surgeon requires any additional prostheses or the item numbers / type of procedure changes, there may be additional fees that are payable prior to discharge. Charge to item numbers can alter the fees significantly.

The hospital reserves the right to refuse admission if payment is not received.

Overseas insured

Patients who are covered by an international insurance fund with whom the hospital has an agreement will be required to provide an approval prior to admission.

All other patients covered by non-contracted international insurance funds will be required to pay in full prior to or on admission.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) patients

Prior to admission, eligibility will be confirmed with the Department of Veterans Affairs. If a patient has a White card, pre-approval by your surgeon will be required.

Present your DVA card to Reception on admission.

While in hospital, our Discharge Coordinators are the contact people for all DVA-related enquiries and will visit patients during their stay.

They can assist with travel, organising any necessary aids for safe discharge and if required, facilitate referrals to Veterans Home care, community nursing and respite/convalescence.