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Pre-admission information

Planning for your visit is important and will help you understand what to expect during your stay.

Information from your doctor

Your doctor’s office should provide you with information about your date of admission and what time to arrive. Your doctor will discuss your procedure and should sign a consent form with you. During this time, it is important to ask your doctor to answer any questions you have about your procedure.

Questions to ask your doctor

  • Your admission date and time.
  • The preparation required for surgery.
  • When you should start fasting (no food or fluids, including water)
  • Do you need to alter your medications, either before or on the day of surgery?
  • The best preparation for your discharge to home
  • Will there be any restrictions after surgery, e.g. driving?


To help us prepare for your stay, we require your completed registration form 14 days prior to admission, or as soon as possible if your procedure is arranged within two weeks of admission.

All patients must complete our registration form as this form becomes the basis of your medical record.

To register you can either complete the paperwork you receive from your doctor’s office or contact our pre-admission clinic on 02 6966 8300.

You must complete ALL sections to the best of your ability. Please ask a relative or carer for help if needed.

Pre-admission Clinic

The role of our Pre-admission Clinic is to ensure you are fully prepared for your visit to hospital.

You may be contacted by the Pre-admission staff by phone to discuss your health history and during this phone call you will also receive information regarding your hospital stay.

In addition, you may be asked to attend the Pre-admission Clinic for further assessments and/or education classes relating to your surgery.

At this point, the Clinic staff will also discuss discharge planning with you.

If you live more than 100km away, you are eligible for a travel and accommodation subsidy. For more information, contact Isolated Patient Travel and Accommodation Scheme office on 1800 478 227 or online at

For interstate patients, there are similar patient transport assistance schemes to help with the cost of getting to and from hospital. A quick online search will give you the relevant service in your state or call our Pre-admission Clinic.

Interpreter services

If you require an interpreter during your admission, please indicate this on your pre-admission form and one will be arranged for you. Please indicate which language.